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News Pollen Extracts: expanding our assortment
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Pollen Extracts: expanding our assortment

We are very excited to announce that our team succeeded in producing the first large batches of high quality pollen extracts!

First steps into the world of pollen allergy

Pollen is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies worldwide. Depending on the season, weeds, grasses and trees release pollen to fertilize their own species. The wind travels the tiny and light pollen but unfortunately they end up in our noses, eyes and lungs as well. With their powdery, granular appearance they look quite delicate and innocent. In some people they will however trigger an allergic reaction. We mostly relate to this as hay fever. Most common symptoms are a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes but sometimes also symptoms of the lower airways (asthma). In allergy-prone individuals, their immune system reacts to allergenic proteins by generation of IgE antibodies, a process called sensitization. These antibodies will bind to receptors on mast cells and basophils, the effector cells of allergic diseases. If a pollen-sensitized person then gets exposed in pollen season, these effector cells release various mediators such as histamine. These mediators together are at the basis of starting off the allergic symptoms.\

Our freeze dried extracts

Citeq has been contributing for over 25 years, to the field of allergy research, both therapeutics and diagnostics, We are specialized in house dust mites, insects and moulds and have mainly been delivering well-defined allergen source material for research and development. We are happy that our R&D team successfully produced these pollen extracts. This is our first step into the world of pollen allergy, and we are very much looking forward to contributing here as well. In the future we aim at adding cat and dog dander as well so we can also optimally serve this research community, as we have always done in the field of respiratory allergy. If you have any specific requests on other allergens, please contact us. We are open to collaborate.
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