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Protease values

Don’t forget these, they are a substantial addition to defining your product

It is very important to define extracts of allergen sources. Most researchers in the field of allergy have mostly been focusing on the amount of total protein and on the presence of major allergens. Of course, these are key values. Whilst focusing on these, we tend to forget about other potential factors with relevance to allergy, like proteases. It is known that many allergens have enzymatic activity. Protease activity is the most common and most described one. Proteases are involved in the pathogenicity of allergy, increasing epithelial permeability and acting as adjuvants by stimulating protease-activated receptors on epithelial cells. Enzymatic activity, therefore is an important parameter to characterize the allergenicity of an extract. Besides that, it also affects stability of allergen extracts.

At Citeq Biologics, we are now performing several protease assays, next to the major allergen determinations, to get a more comprehensive characterization of our allergen extracts.

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