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Faq Orders


We always make our batches as large as possible. We understand that you might need vials from a rather old batch for your research project. Some of our batches are mentioned in renowned literature and you use this as a guideline for your study. We do have a relatively large stock on some old batches, but some are (almost) running out. We have made an extensive comparison on our batches so you can easily pick a fresh batch that lives up to your standards. You can find yourself a comparable fresher batch here.   
At Citeq we always strived for academic collaborations and personal contact. We noticed that some of our customers just want an easy and fast way to order. For those of you we have launched our sister company: Alfateq. On this website we offer a selection of Citeq's bestsellers in small vials. We also have several chemicals such as Trolox. Feel free to take a look at this website. Of course we continue the service of Citeq as you are used to in the same way. Click here to go to the Alfateq website.
We understand that if you are using source material which is fulfilling your requirements, you would like to receive the same material again for future projects. In order to provide material from the same batch over a longer period of time, we produce large batches so you don’t have to worry about receiving different material each time you place an order. If you are using our material and you are satisfied with it. you can even place a reservation of a specific LOT so you will receive the same material in the future. This way you don’t have to test a new batch, which will save you time and money!
You can order by requesting a quote on our website. You will receive a quotation as soon as possible. Once you have approved the quotation your order is placed. You are always welcome to contact us through mail (info@citeq.com) or by phone.